The past decade has seen a noticeable shift in consumer behavior. Today, we’re living in a world where direct-to-consumer purchasing has become the status quo. We’re able to bypass third parties and directly purchase and manage a customized collection of television shows, household products, and even prescriptions on our own time and from the comfort of our own homes. It’s time for the healthcare industry to do the same and launch itself into the modern world.

Vault Strategies is a leader in healthcare insurance reform and the parent company of both Precise Benefits Group, a licensed general insurance agency, and Vault Captive Insurance, a licensed insurance company. Together, we are proud to offer customized health insurance benefit packages that offer measurable value for our customers. This value comes through significant cost reduction, product innovation, customization, and improved health outcomes of those we insure. We can meet these goals based upon our corporate structure that eliminates complexity and our innovative prevention programs that work proactively to keep our clients healthy. As we continue to grow by referrals and reputation, we are excited about the opportunity to change the face of healthcare insurance for our customers throughout the country.

Vault Captive Insurance: Innovative Insurance Solutions

Vault Captive Insurance is a licensed insurance company that focuses on innovative, customized insurance plan development. Extensive market research and underwriting capabilities enable us to develop or modify almost any product needed and to do so quickly. Our results and reputation for excellence and efficiency have also made us leaders in stop-loss plan development. We have solid relationships in place with large risk companies such as Nationwide, AXA, and Companion, that enable us to offer valuable, self-funded health insurance plans. And, relationships with industry-specific program providers such as PlanSurity and Dignity/Blue Cross Blue Shield, allow us to connect our clients with ideal medical and dental benefits. Our method eliminates the complexity and bureaucracy of the traditional healthcare insurance model and offers organizations and individuals with cost-effective programs that work in the best interest of all those insured.

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