Like many great companies, Vault Strategies has humble beginnings. Jensen Tax was founded in Bloomington, Illinois in 1992, forging a path in business ownership that has led to the international organization that is Vault Strategies today. With a spirit of entrepreneurship and the determination to succeed, the founders began exploring better ways to serve their clients. This led to the expansion of Jensen Tax to Jensen Financial in 1998, adding insurance, investments, and financial planning to the suite of services offered.  Still, the founders knew there was untapped talent waiting to be explored within their organization. They began researching welfare benefit plans and captive insurance companies, eventually leading to the development of Insight Benefits Group. This venture kicked off in 2004 and expanded work across the nation. Insight Benefits Group still operates today and affords further autonomy in the custom insurance solutions that we're able to offer our clients.

In our industry, we're always prepared for change, whether it be changes in law, technology, or client preference. However, the 2010 Affordable Care Act changed the game dramatically and forever altered the way healthcare works. We had two options: adapt to new systems or lose all momentum we had built over nearly 20 years. With passion for our work and a vision for the future, we chose to adapt and opened Precise Benefits Group, the first of our healthcare-related companies. But our team still saw so much untapped potential in the world of benefits planning. We found that existing plans were too complicated, too expensive, and not at all helpful to those insured. With a team of dedicated professionals and a desire to make a difference, we bridged our companies together to create our own insurance solutions. We called this Vault Strategies, which has operated since 2016. This came with the ability to cut out middlemen, customize plans to fit individual companies, and save our clients millions of dollars. 

Where are we now?

Consumer behavior continues to go personal. We believe it’s time for healthcare to do the same. Vault Strategies is a leader in healthcare insurance reform. We offer the opportunity for groups to benefit from highly-customized employee benefit packages that are both affordable and improve the health of those insured. Our agency, Precise Benefits Group, works directly with our customers to determine unique needs which often include affordable, proactive healthcare benefits. Our insurance company, Vault Captive, researches, underwrites, and quickly gets customized products to market. Our method eliminates the traditional healthcare insurance model and offers cost-effective, employee benefit programs that work in the best interest of all those insured. With offices in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, and Bloomington, we now have the ability to service all 50 states. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your unique needs!