We're lucky to work with a number of organizations across the nation. With the flexibility to create custom benefits packages, we truly have the ability to create a solution for any company. Whether it be a small coffee shop with only part-time employees or a large international healthcare organization, we have the tools and know-how to develop something to match your unique needs. Some of our common industries served are detailed below. 

Medical Providers

From individual medical practices to large hospital networks, our proactive healthcare insurance approach has gained the respect of medical providers across the country. It is a pleasure to partner with physicians, dentists, and medical professionals who respect our proactive, customized benefit plans.  We have the pleasure of connecting providers and organizations enabling them to work as a team to offer ideal employee benefits.

For the insured, our plans provide an affordable, proactive model for health. Instead of waiting for disease or health decline, the investment is in prevention, early detection, and overall positive patient health outcomes. This is clearly respected by our medical providers, who also appreciate our programs that offer fixed costs, consistent income, and decreased clerical needs. Our network is deep and wide with a methodology that is changing the shape of healthcare insurance throughout the country.

Senior Living

The senior living industry continues to experience tremendous growth and obstacles. Funding, turnover, injury risks, and multi-location coverage can make creation of an ideal employee benefits program quite challenging—not to mention the fluctuating incomes from patient census and Medicare reimbursements.

With massive employee needs and tight margins, we understand that every dollar counts when it comes to planning a budget for a senior living organization. Healthcare costs don’t have to be a hindrance to finding and keeping the best staff for your patients. Help is here.

Thanks to our unique structure, we are in a unique position to offer flexible, customized plans to senior living providers that aid in employee recruitment and retention. Our consultants work directly with you to determine organizational-specific needs that will allow for the creation of a highly-individualized plan that will offer ideal value to one or all of your facilities. Self-insurance with stop-loss protection, created exactly as you need it? It’s now possible. 

Auto Dealerships

Our relationship with the auto dealer industry began when it was realized that the traditional healthcare model was not appropriate for their unique employee needs. With fluctuating profit margins, high turnover, multiple locations, and often needs that span multiple states, canned programs from large insurance providers were both costly and quite frankly, disappointing.

With massive employee needs and tight margins, we understand that every dollar counts when it comes to planning a budget for an auto dealership. Healthcare costs don’t have to be a hindrance to finding and keeping the best staff for your success. Help is here.

With consultation and customization, we have been able to provide unique, industry-specific employee benefit plans that are appreciated by all parties. Auto dealer owners appreciate tremendous cost savings with plans that focus on what’s important to their workforce. Recipients appreciate the proactive healthcare approach, that encourages them to be and remain healthy.


Associations exist to provide benefits to members, often in a way that the members would not have otherwise. Recent changes in healthcare legislation have opened the doors for what is possible when providing insurance coverage within organizations. Our Legacy Plans are developed specifically for your association’s needs. With two decades of experience administering Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs), we understand how to work strategically with association leadership for ideal member coverage. After consultation, we then customize employee benefit offerings based upon what would be ideal for each unique membership. It’s amazing what we can do together!

Traditionally, large healthcare insurance companies made it both hard and expensive for associations to gain ideal group benefits. Our method eliminates the outdated, reactive insurance model that relies upon reaction and red tape. Instead, we focus on proactive approaches that are both efficient to create and effective for those insured. Member satisfaction and health is always a priority.