As business owners, we understand the headache that comes from choosing employee benefit plans. By using our family of companies to custom create our own products, we've developed coverage solutions that we'd want for our own families. Don't see something that matches your company's needs? Let's talk.

Vault Health Plans

Our standard health plan packages offer multiple levels of coverage to match your company's unique needs. 

Vault Direct

Did you know that you can meet 80% of your employees' healthcare needs for as little as $19 per week? Retain, attract, and reward your employees by offering them an affordable benefit plan. With this cost-saving package, you can provide exclusive access to affordable, configurable benefits solutions for the physical wellbeing of your staff and their dependents—no matter the size of your company.

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Vault Plus

Along with the Vault Direct Package, we have a solution for any budget that includes in/outpatient and emergency care. Vault Plus helps control plan costs by applying limits on some benefits.

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Vault Enhanced

Our Medical Enhanced products are the most robust guarantee issue plans available on the market today. The plan provides for everything you would expect in a high-deductible plan including lab testing, imaging, and even chemotherapy. We control the cost of these plans by applying maximum annual benefit limits of up to $500,000.

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Virtual Vault

VAULT has recognized a unique market need for basicVAULT has recognized a unique market need for basicand critical healthcare access. In response, we have created the Virtual VAULT plan. This productprovides both Telephonic and Video virtual medical services and has two options for Rx benefits.Priced at $17 or $ 27 dollars per month, the benefit covers the entire household for just one lowmonthly price. The plan helps families with over 70% of their routine needs.

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Kai-zen Executive Bonus Plan

Provide your executives with the best retirement benefits! There are so many great reasons to consider this voluntary benefit program. The Legacy Kai-Zen plan resolves the high cash flow costs of traditional executive bonus funding methods by leveraging a Â§162 Executive Bonus Plan. The design groups executives together to purchase life insurance at a significantly reduced cost. Kai-Zen increases the executive's contribution with additional bank-financed dollars.

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